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Research led design

Future Archive is a Naarm/Melbourne based Fashion practice tackling textile waste issues through research led design. 

Using the ‘Design Your Own’ virtual sampling platform, you can become a participant in the design process. This platform forms part of a design system, beginning with sourcing and curating a collection of textile waste items that create the palette for the archive.

Through photographically archiving these discarded textile items, Future Archive hopes to challenge consumer culture by showing the condition items are currently being discarded, and highlighting how much more life these materials have to offer. This archive becomes a library of materials, available to be reimagined into made-to-order bags that can be virtually sampled before being put into production.   

Supported by the pillars of innovation, transparency, and connection Future Archive explores textile waste issues by offering well designed products as a proposal for reuse, as well as serving as a hub for education through research, writing and teaching.